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Initially the DCF Records are works? - MPC5746R

Question asked by Demian Espina on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by Demian Espina

Hi im programmed the DCF Records and i have this.


StartRecord[0x400300]: 0x5aa55af00000000

OPT_EN0[0x400308]: 0x1000000200020

I added:

IVPR1_1[0x400310]: 0xfd1000010000e4

IVPR1_2[0x400318]: 0x2efff010000e8

IVPR1_3[0x400320]: 0x7e8800010000f0


If i set in assembly asm("mfspr %r4, 63 "); i get the ivpr1 address and it results in 0x00 but according with the DCF Record i should get 0xFD1000. For other hand, in the address 0x4000C0 in the excel of reference manual say "Soft DCF Record Start Address" but i think is if i want to set an address diffrent from 0x400300. My principal question is it initially DCF Records are working or i have to set the address value 0x400300 in the position 0x4000C0 to make that, so initially the BAF section is possible to erase and program freely.