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Android 9 init (early mount) stage error? Partition filesystem EXT2

Question asked by Krishnandu Biswas on Apr 27, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Bio_TICFSL

Hey Guys,


I'm porting android 9 to our custom board based in imx6q-sabresd board. I have posted a question before as well for the error, for which I didn't get any solution yet. Here is the link to that.

I tried multiple ways and different things to get ahead, but nothing seems to workout.

Recently, I observed that when I flashed the images to sd-card using script or using UUU tools script or doing it manually, the filesystems of system and vendor partitions get converted to EXT2 filesystem rather then EXT4(as stated in User Guide).

It happens when I dd write the system or vendor (raw)image to their respective partition. Is it the reason the init process can't find these partitions?

If so, then how do I flash or make these partitions to EXT4?

Please reply early.


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