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CodeWarrior U-Boot/SPL Debug?

Question asked by Thomas Morrison on Mar 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Thomas Morrison



I am trying to figure out what is wrong in general with my board (or CodeWarrior).


I have read all the whitepapers - and I am properly creating a debug configuration

that has U-Boot OS Awareness. 


Unfortunately, it seems that something U-Boot OS Awareness does is that it doesn't know

how to interpret memory very well. 



In the attached image - I am debugging u-boot configuration (with OS Awareness) and,

I set a break point in the spl code after loading the spl header (and more).


   The Green is the header.

   The RED is the problem ('????????')


If I debug just the SPL (with our without OS awareness)  then I see the correct value for *(0x82000000) = (0x1400000a