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pic for flash S32DS (S32k144)

Question asked by Sebastiaan Verhoek on Mar 30, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by Mike Doidge

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In the following example (EXAMPLE S32K144 Position Independent Code) an example of how to generate position independent code for the s32k144 was posted. The example is supposed to be built for RAM and I am able to run it on the EVB and see the coloured led. I have been trying to modify the example for a flash project but with little success thusfar. I have modified the linker file (see attachment) to include the .got section and debug configuration (see picture below). The code builds and uploads but no blinking led appears (it seems to crash on something but due to the way it is uploaded (using the .bin) I can't see on what). Can anyone point me to how I can modify the example to make it work for flash or an example built for flash?

Debug configuration PIC flash

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