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i.MX6ULL eMMC booting issue

Question asked by Ranjith Kumar on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2020 by igorpadykov



   We are using i.MX6ULL processor in our customized board. We are mapping SD card interface to usdhc1 and eMMC interface to usdhc2. While we are powering up the board and the boot mode switches are to boot from internal boot and SD card the board is booting up but when we make the boot mode switches to boot from internal boot mode and eMMC the board is booting only when it is detecting SD card in uSD slot. So is this expected behavior?


   The next query is that in SD card boot mode the reset and reboot is working fine but while in eMMC boot mode the reset and reboot is working fine only when we make the WDOG_ANY to toggle whenever we give the reset and reboot commands. So how to overcome this?


   The final query is that in serial download mode whenever there is SD card when powering up the board the board is getting booted up according to the boot mode switches and it is not waiting for the serial download mode. So to flash the SD card using UUU tool we have to insert the SD card only after powering up the board. Is this also expected behavior?