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KL17Z32VLH4 : SRAM location in memory map

Question asked by Loic DELORME on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Loic DELORME



I'm working with a KL17Z32VLH4 and I have some trouble like unexpected reset.

I supposed that was a stack issue and I began to check memory map and stack amount.


I see something curious in the linker file with m_data area :

        m_data                (RW)  : ORIGIN = 0x1FFFF800, LENGTH = 0x00002000


1/ SRAM_L and SRAM_U are not splitted in m_data

2/ m_data begin at 0x1FFFF800


Moreover, the KL17P64M48SF2 datasheet which apply to my Kinetis says that :

- SRAM_L area is 0x1FFF_F000 to 0x1FFF_FFFF

- SRAM_H area is 0x2000_0000 to 0x2000_2FFF

- KL17Z32VLH4 had 8K SRAM (0x2000)


Thus, I think that m_data should be in SRAM_L area and I have to correct linker file like this :

       m_data                (RW)  : ORIGIN = 0x1FFFF000, LENGTH = 0x00001000


Does anybody confirm I'm right?


Thank you very much.