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ADC SW Triggering not working

Question asked by michaellüthold on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by michaellüthold

Hi together


In a project I use a S32K148.

There I want to use the ADC0 to measure different signals.

For this i configured the different channels:


Now I have the problem, that only the first channel is working.

I initialized the the converter like this:


To start a conversion and wait until conversion is done I use the following functions (example from adConv0_ChnConfig1):

If I debug the application, it seems that the conversion is not getting started, because within ADC_DRV_WaitConvDone() the active flag is checked.

When the conversion is not started, I think the flag will be not active. In this case the ADC_DRV_WaitConvDone() will return and there is no result.

If I use ADC_DRV_GetConvCompleteFlag() instead of ADC_DRV_WaitConvDone() , the programm blocks at this line. In my opinion this means also that the conversion is not started.


What could be wrong with that? Channel 0 (ADC_INPUTCHAN_EXT4) is working, the others don't work.


Thanky for your help