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IRQ handler for iMX8 SCU GPIO

Question asked by Stan Bertrand on Dec 17, 2019
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The SCU SCFW porting kit provides different APIs.

I would like to enable interrupt on GPIO in the SCU firmware ( SCFW).

The board init of iMX8QM MEK uses FGPIO_PinInit to handle SCU GPIO.

The driver library has FGPIO_ClearPinsInterruptFlags to clean the interrupt.


How to I enable the interrupt ?

The documentation has the following example, but the function to set interrupt is not there. Which IRQ would correspond ?


PORT_SetPinInterruptConfig(BOARD_SW2_PORT, BOARD_SW2_FGPIO_PIN, kPORT_InterruptFallingEdge);


Would this functionality be handled via the SVC service of the SCFW ?


If interrupt are not available on SCU GPIO, how would I used IGPIO driver interrupt? how the IRQ is process for those GPIO ?