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Starting with MCUExpresso and SDK for K02

Question asked by arnogir on Jan 24, 2020
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Previously, I devellop project with codewarrior and KDS on K60/K70.


Today, I start a new project with K02 and then, Start with the new tools, Then MCUExpresso.

In it, I download the SDK for the K02, add some driver, middleware etc..


I configured my CPU, code "hello word" compile with some remark.


Many question:

1) The PRINTF("Hello word") is not recognized. Which component do I add to be taken?

2) I use the Spi, Then I Add the spi_adapter.

The DSPI_MasterInit is called from the generated file "Peripheral.c" => Ok

Now, I read the HAL dspi_adapter. If I want use it, there are a function HAL_SpiMasterInit which will call also DSPI_MasterInit… Then there is exemple code to use all the driver and HAL? with API detail, exemple code etc... I not find it!


3) The main function fall in infinite loop, then this is redundant with previous question, but I add timer / timer_manager. It seem with this I can configure and start some task. there is exemple? My need is to create some task, with different period and priority..


4) UART driver: how use the function LIN break detection? (may be response is in SDK documentation I asked in question 1?...)