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Clarify about alternative bank system of nor flash

Question asked by Ahmet Demir on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by ufedor

Hi everyone,

I am posting this question to clarify my understanding about alternative bank system. Currently I m using t1042 demo board. Nor flash has 2 banks. Bank 0 is default bank and Bank 4 is alternative bank. 


As I understood so far, when board have command input from console 'cpld reset altbank', the cpld resets the board and reads RCW, U-boot and other things from the adresses assigned for alternative bank (0xEC000000 for altbank RCW, 0xE8000000 for current bank, refer to documentation)


When I switch to BANK 4(altbank)and write a new U-boot image on its console using Current Bank adress (Not altbank adress), its writing U boot to alternative bank adress because when I send 'cpld reset altbank' command after flashing, board is booting with the u-boot image that I have just flashed onto current bank adress, and when I switch back to BANK 0(which refers current bank), it still has old u-boot image. 


The question is, does current bank mean the bank which is in use at the moment, and the alternative bank means the bank which is currently not? If it is, then this means that they are not constant terms?


I messed with memory while flashing some new U boot and RCW with Code Warrior and I think there are some points I miss.