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What is the functionality of SDRAM in IMX RT 1020 EVK

Question asked by Naren chandra on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2019 by samsaprunoff

Hi , we have been checking for a suitable MCU for our application and we came down to IMX RT 1020 . 

We wanted to go with this chipset and since it does not have a inbuilt Flash we planned to boot it from QSPI ,

But here when we were going to the EVK we did not understand one thing

As per the Document 

Here it says we can select the BOOT CFG pins to boot from QSPI 

But the question  is will it be executed directly from QSPI or will it do a copy into the SDRAM and them execute , because we had no idea why this SDRAM is there in the EVK . 

If you can guide us with the procedure it will be helpfull for us to place a order of the EVK and start development . 

Let us if it is directly executed from QSPI , also why the BOOT MODE pins are used ? is it to have two boot options and to switch between them ? 


Will the Boot config pins handle the booting or it will it be the Code that decides to boot from which memory resource .


Will the code to dump the application binary into QSPI be provided by NXP , How does it work , if some one can provide a clarity it would be helpful since this is the first time we are trying out a MCU with External memory .