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How to allocate RT1060 code falsh and board_sdram in MCUX presso IDE?

Question asked by zhao yang on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

I am transplanting the driver and application of the network port routine (routine: evkmimxrt1060_wiced_iperf_4343W) in the wifi routine (routine: evkmimxrt1060_lwip_dhcp_freertos). After the port driver is transplanted, I found the problem in the process of editing the application code as shown in the figure.


Then I looked at the memory configuration of the wifi routine, as shown below.


References to other memory configuration routines are shown below.


Finally, compilation and burning, found that the program did not execute, not even print.

What I want to ask is:

1. Is the configuration above correct?

2. How to configure a common memory to ensure that there is enough code space?

3. I want to port the network port and wifi into the same routine, how should I choose the routine?Any notes.

Looking forward to your reply.