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MCUXpresso IDE (macOs) Error reading from server (redlinkserv)

Question asked by Daniel Ralley on Nov 2, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by LPCX presso support

MCUXpresso IDE (MacOs) Error reading from server (redlinkserv)




[Started server]


[Connected on port 3025]




Error reading from server (redlinkserv):


Read timed out








I'm trying to debug the LPCX804 example code on the target. However, I'm having problems reaching the debug probe with MCUXpresso IDE on MacOS


I've tried:


  • IDE versions 10.2 and 11.0
  • LPCxpresso 8.2 
  • build and debug:
  • Cannot write to server: not open (RedLinkServerException)


  • clean up debug and retry, IOException Read timed out 
  • tried ports 3050 and 3075
  • disabling auto build
  • sending listProbes command
  • manually starting linkserver






It has worked twice today. However, i most of the time I can't get any comms with the debug probe. to make this happen i've reconnected the USB and quickly sent the listProbes command:


Index = 1


Manufacturer = NXP Semiconductors


Description = LPC11U3x CMSIS-DAP v1.0.4


Serial Number = 0201000B


VID:PID = 1FC9:0132


Path = USB_1fc9_0132_14200000_ff00




I know the board works as i've tried it with a linux machine. However, i'd like to get it working on my personal laptop.




Many thanks,