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DTM configuration for KW36

Question asked by Naven Suresh on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Naven Suresh

Hi Estephania Martinez,


I configured KW36 DTM as mentioned in the below link (Through a 2-wire UART interface)

Direct Test Mode (DTM) Configurations for the KW family 


But to verify the DTM behavior I tested using the below commands

1. LE Reset 

    (a)  0x0000

    (b)  0x0204

    (c)  0x0300

2. LE Transmitter Test


3. LE Receiver Test


4. LE Test End



In the above-mentioned commands, LE Reset is not getting passed with all the 3 commands and LE Test End command is also failed.

Can you please check this issue?


Hardware used: USB to TTL converter (3.3v logic level)





Naven Suresh