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How to erase QSPI flash with SD Boot

Question asked by Yuichi Takeda on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by Yuichi Takeda

Hello, Community


Previously, when I asked about how to recover from an abnormal image written on the MCIMX7SABRE board, I was advised to boot from an SD card.

Thank you for your suggestion!


I could start up from the included SD card with reference to the Quick Start Guide.
However, when I started U-Boot and tried to erase QSPI flash with the "erase" command, it did not work.
I tried other flash related commands ("flinfo", "protect"), but they didn't work as well.

There was no response to the command.


Do you know why?
If the QSPI flash erase method is wrong, please tell me the correct method.


I attached the image of the PC terminal at that time.


Best regards,

Yuichi Takeda