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LS1046ARDB USB console can't work

Question asked by anegoiko on Oct 11, 2019
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I got LS1046ARDB and started booting it but the USB console port is not working. All the switches and jumpers are in default mode, but I realized that D8 LED is blinking when I plugged the USB console cable to PC with the board switched off. The D8 LED is off wheen I switch on the board, so I assume that the CMSIS-DAP firmware is not loaded.


Some months ago I worked with LS1043ARDB board and I had a similar problem that I solved following the steps that are in the next thread: LS1043ARDB-PD USB console can't work


However, in this case I could not found the *.bin file in the designer file.


Could somebody provide me the file that I should put in order to program the firmware?


Thanks in advance,