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SerDes options on LS1021a

Question asked by Elias Bitbaker on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by ufedor

Hi Guys,


My linux kernel is 4.19 and I am using lsdk1906.


I am checking through the possible SerDes options for my ls1021a chipset. When I came across the data sheet 


Please see the attachment.


Currently in my RCW my protocol of SerDes is : Using SERDES1 Protocol: 48 (0x30)


(1)How am I able to know which one is the best to fit my application. I only have a wifi module attached to the pcie1 interface.


(2)Is that correct that if I choose to occupy all the lanes for pcie1 will result in the max throughput ?

which is 6GHz for each lane. But does this gonna affect more power consumption?


(3) How am I able to make the PCIe achieve 6GHz transmission rate.  


If I do not need to use the HDD  does that mean I dont need to use the SATA1 ?

OR If I do not need to use the ethernet I dont need to use the SGMII1?