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How to overcome: Ee(36) Could not connect to core.

Question asked by Joren Joly on Sep 23, 2019
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I'm totally new to using NXP for programming a microcontroller. The only thing i tried was turning on a led (just a basic gpio command). (I use a own designed board with a LPC824M201JDH20J)But now comes the struggle:


When I try to build my project, everything is fine. When I try to debug my project , it recognizes my lpclink2 as a linkserver and it always has the following problems:

Error in final launch sequence


      Launching tim.afx has encountered a problem.

      Error in Final launch sequence.

      Failed to execute MI command:
      -target-select extended-remote | crt_emu_cm_redlink -msg-port=52431 -g -mi -2 -pLPC824 -vendor=NXP -vc -reset=       -ProbeHandle=1 -CoreIndex=0 -flash-driver=LPC800_32.cfx
      Error message from debugger back end:
      Remote communication error. Target disconnected.: No error.
      Remote communication error. Target disconnected.: No error.


      Target reported errors.


      02: Failed on connect
      02: Failed on connect
      Could not connect to core.
      31: No connection to emulator device


   when I close those dialogues the console is saying:

      LPCXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v8.2 (Sep 5 2016 10:12:38 - crt_emu_cm_redlink build 725)
      Failed on connect: Ee(36). Could not connect to core.
      No connection to emulator device


This is the error I have. Now I hope someone can really help me with this since I already tried the following things:

-reboot my pc

-Like one suggested on this forum, to run the installer .exe again after installing

-Deleting my .afx file and making sure that everything is alright on the new .afx file

- Updating my drivers. The only weird thing that I can't explain here is that if i plug in the device it sometimes gets recognized as a LPC usb device and sometimes as a COM port. When it is the LPC usb device, my drivers are from 2009 and as a COM port my drivers are from 2014.

- I tried to import the programming image from the old LPC-LINK2 configuration tool.

- And I have fooled around with settings when creating the project and on the preferences for debugging etc.


The weirdest thing is I have a Dell G3 and it doesnt work, a colleague of my tried to do it on his Dell G5 and it didn't work aswell. But it did work on 2 older Dell Precision laptops, with the same setup and configuration.


Hoping that there are some NXP gods out there, who can help me out!

Thanks a lot!