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What is the right connection of SDRAM chip highest address pins on LPCXpresso546 (OM13098)  as per rev E and rev F schematics?

Question asked by Pablo Baena on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Felipe García

There could be an error on rev E and rev F schematics of LPCXpresso546 (OM13098) board. 


The onboard SDRAM is a 128Mb Winbond's W9812G6JB-6I which has no A12 pin.  However the schematics show as if such non-existing pin was connected, which only applies to a 256Mb  chip, e.g Winbond's W9825Gxx.


Is this so? And for complete clarity, how should the 128Mb SDRAM be connected with the highest LPC546's external memory controller address pins EMC_A14, EMC_A13, EMC_A12 on corresponding BA1, BA0 and A11 ? 


Attached image of SDRAM pins.