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IMX1060 non XIP code too slow

Question asked by Marko Marusic on Sep 3, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Victor Jimenez



I am currently using MIMXRT1060-EVK for evaluating IMXRT1060 and I am trying to see if it would suit our needs. I am trying to load my code to on board QSPI flash memory and I want it to be loaded into the RAM memory when device starts.


The code I have only toggles one 'fast gpio pin' in a while loop.


 while (1)
GPIO6->DR_SET = mask;
GPIO6->DR_CLEAR = mask;


I am trying to compare speed of pin toggle in different cofingurations. 


1. Debugging (loading program directly to RAM over debug interface)


It is loaded to RAM and runs as axpected. Frequency of output signal is 150MHz. (Max fast gpio frequency is 300MHz which results in 150MHz signal - ON - OFF.)


2. XIP - Loading bootable image to external flash and running it from flash


I had some problems, but mannaged to do this using mfgTool and result is also somewhat expected. Toggle signal is 3.3MHz (Cache is disabled in all examples). 


3. non XIP - loading image into the RAm on startup and ruuning it from there


I had many poblems here, but mannaged to do it also, this time using NXP MCU Boot Utility. I setup my linker and everything so that code would go to ITCM and in this case everythong should work like in 1.) but it doesn't. Signal is 15MHz. Can enyone help to explain why would this happen?


Thanks, Marko