HotFix: MBD Toolbox rev2.0.0 for MPC5744P (Panther)

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HotFix_1: Missing lsp.h file 


Problem: Model compilation terminates with the following error:

SWLIBS_Defines.h:132:17: fatal error: lsp.h: No such file or directory
#include <lsp.h>


Root Cause: S32DS for PA version 1.1 Build id: 170203 does not contain the file in the compiler toolchain


Workaround: Save the file attached lsp.h in 

{S32DS for PA installation folder}S32_Power_v1.1\S32DS\e200_ewl2\EWL_C\include\pa\ folder

Original Attachment has been moved to: lsp.h.zip