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unknown type name 'rtDW_ComputeElectricAngle_ADC_Sensing_g_T'

Question asked by Stefan Kirchmeyr on Aug 14, 2019
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I am using Matlab Simulink R2019a and stepped through the 3-Phase PMSM Control Workshop (-Phase PMSM Control Workshop with NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox ).

I automatically converted the project to be compatible with the newer Matlab version.


I had to fix the following error:

FTM PWM Disable Enable block 'ADC_Sensing/S32K14x EVB/FastLoopControl/PWMCommands/Control_Logic/t2_init/FTM_PWM_Disable_Enable' has no FTM PWM Config block

This was done quite easily. I had to change the Module from 0 to 3 in all "FTM PWM Enable Disable" blocks.


The problem now are compiler errors.

Unfortunately I can't get the Modules M6, M7, M8 and M9 running due to compiler errors now.

The errors are getting longer and longer from M6 to M9.


The errors for M6 are this:

In file included from pdb1_isr.h:2:0, from ADC_Sensing.h:44, from ADC_Sensing.c:19: ADC_Sensing_private.h:91:24: error: unknown type name 'rtDW_ComputeElectricAngle_ADC_Sensing_g_T' real32_T *rty_theta, rtDW_ComputeElectricAngle_ADC_Sensing_g_T *localDW); ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADC_Sensing_private.h:92:52: error: unknown type name 'rtB_SPI_Comm_ADC_Sensing_g_T' extern void ADC_Sensing_SPI_Comm(uint8_T rtu_Data, rtB_SPI_Comm_ADC_Sensing_g_T * ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADC_Sensing_private.h:117:3: error: unknown type name 'rtDW_SlowLoopControl_ADC_Sensing_T' rtDW_SlowLoopControl_ADC_Sensing_T *localDW, real32_T *rtd_SPEED_CMD, real32_T ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ gmake: *** [ADC_Sensing.o] Error 1


How can I solve this error? Is it due to compatibility problems with R2019a?