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How can we close the de-Interlaced at IMX.6DL(QNX)

Question asked by chehao hu on Aug 4, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Rita Wang


We issue a question in "BT656" every 8 seconds, the screen will stop 0.1~0.2s times.


We found that some issues may be de-interlaced on IMX.6DL, how can we close below "-adaptive-dei-motion-mode" fuction on QNX.


"-adaptive-dei-motion-mode=admodeA string that specifies the motion mode for the adaptive de-interlacer. The mode can be one of the following values, which are case-sensitive:

Do minimal conversion of interlaced fields to one progressive frame.
(Default) Use the default settings converting interlaced fields to a progressive frame.
Do as much processing to produce higher image quality. It may introduce some delays."


Current Hardware:

Video IC( LSI ML86V8201)



Camera to Video IC( BT656) to SOC

SOC(RGB888)to Video IC(RGB666) to Panel 


thank you