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MCUX 11.0.0 - J-Link OpenSDA terms of use keeps appearing

Question asked by David Rodgers on Jul 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by LPCX presso support

This is more an annoyance than anything, but... for some reason, the J-Link terms of use keeps appearing when debugging my FRDM-K66F target, even when I click Accept.  Here's what's popping up:

J-Link OpenSDA terms of use dialog


Now, I had an earlier problem where I couldn't get the debugger to connect at all to my FRDM-K66F, and solving that apparently required installing the latest version of the J-Link software (v6.46j); once I did that, I was able to launch a debug session.


However, at least once each day, I am presented with the above dialog during launch of a debug session.  If I click "Do not show this message again for today" and click Accept, then it goes away and doesn't come up again... until about 24 hours later.  (I haven't tried clicking Decline.)  If I don't click the checkbox before clicking Accept, then the next time I start a debug session, it pops up again.


Surely you didn't intend for this to appear every 24 hours at minimum?  Is this a SEGGER issue or an NXP issue?  I'm noting that the version number is "6.44i", which is the version that shipped with MCUX 11.0.0, not "6.46j", the version I most recently installed.  So presumably it's the MCUX-installed SEGGER/NXP software that's generating this dialog.  Any way to shut this up?  Thanks.


David R.