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Linux File System for Application Program

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Jul 18, 2019
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I have imx6ul with embedded Linux. Currently the system has 8G EMMC. The on-chip NAND flash is 256M. The Linux and rootfs is on onchip flash. The EMMC is partitioned as ext3/ext4 and application program is installed on the EMMC and run from EMMC.

We are thinking to remove EMMC entirely, because the application is relatively small and Linux is also downsized by removing unused modules and components. So there is enough onchip flash to installed application program into onchip NAND flash and run from it. But I am not sure what file system is best on top of an MTD partition for application program. It requires update or install multiple versions of application and there will be some configuration and run-time log file created during application running. So the file system must be read/writable.

Is JEFF2 or JEFF3 on -top of MTD a good choice or other system file ?   

Or  EMMC is a better choice?


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David Zhou