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How to use serial manager with virtual com port MCUXpresso

Question asked by Amanda Punch on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Jing Pan

Is it possible to use the Serial Manager library to set up a shell for a virtual com port? Here is my configuration using the code from the docs for cdc usb, except I am using config.type = kSerialPort_UsbCdcVirtual instead of config.type = kSerialPort_UsbCdc. 


static uint8_t s_serialHandleBuffer[SERIAL_MANAGER_HANDLE_SIZE];
static serial_handle_t s_serialHandle = &s_serialHandleBuffer[0];
static uint8_t s_ringBuffer[SERIAL_MANAGER_RING_BUFFER_SIZE];

serial_manager_config_t config;
serial_port_usb_cdc_config_t usbCdcConfig;
config.type = kSerialPort_UsbCdcVirtual;
config.ringBuffer = &s_ringBuffer[0];
usbCdcConfig.controllerIndex =
config.portConfig = &usbCdcConfig;
SerialManager_Init(s_serialHandle, &config);

/* Init SHELL */
s_shellHandle = &s_shellHandleBuffer[0];
SHELL_Init(s_shellHandle, s_serialHandle, "SHELL>> ");


I'm using SDK_2.6.0_MK66FX1M0xxx18 (MCUXpresso processor MK66FX1M0xxx18)