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MX8 DSI OLED1 touch support on imx8qxp mek (Yocto)

Question asked by Emmett Milliken on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by CarlosCasillas

I have been working with the iMX8 QuadXPlus MEK with two of the NXP MX8 DSI OLED1 screens attached, and I can't get the touch to work. I followed the instructions in the i.MX Yocto Project User's Guide, and I am able to build an image where the display is working, but touch is not. I am working with 4.14.78_1.0.0_ga and using fsl-imx8qxp-mek-dsi-rm67191 for the device tree. In trying to figure the issue out I found a similar question: 

but the answer there did not fix the issue. I have the kernel configuration options the same as that post, but the there is no synaptics section of the dts. From what I can tell, this touch screen uses I2C, and none of the I2C devices in the device tree seem to be touch screen related. 


Is there a device tree for this board which does support the MX8 DSI OLED1 with touch?

If not, what all do I need to do to add touch support to fsl-imx8qxp-mek-dsi-rm67191?