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LPC54018 program issue

Question asked by Jun Zhang on Apr 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by soledad

I have tried many ways to program LPC54018 external QSPI flash, but it failed, where has detailed document to describe how to connect and how to run application to program LPC54018?

1. I use SEGGER J-Flash Lite via Jlink to program LPC54018, this software only recongnize .hex file, it can pass all steps with "done" result, but read Memory with J-Flash, it's show QSPI flash is empty, and board cannot bootup. If I use .bin file to program, J-Flash Lite shows "download failed", which cannot work.

2. I press ISP0/SW4 and reboot to enter UART boot mode, and connect UART0 with 3 wire USB-TTL serial cable. FlashMagic can not work, show "autobaud failed".

3. I press ISP1(SW3) and ISP2(SW2) and reboot to enter USB1 boot mode, and connect USB1 to PC. Windows7 can find this LPC USB device, but it has no working driver, where can find this device driver? what's application will be used in this program mode.

Thank you in advance!