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Replacement of LPC 1227 in NFC Reader Library

Question asked by 孝宣 堀合 on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Thank you everyone.


We could confirm that "NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop" works on "LPC1769 Xpresso + NCx3320 Demo Board", but we need to change the MCU to LPC1227, change the MCU board to LPC1227 Xpresso and let it execute the same operation I'm going.


However, after debugging with LPC1227 Xpresso, debugging was not possible with the following message.

The attached "LPCX1227_cmsis2_systick" also does not work.

In addition, because it works with another LPC1227 Xpresso board, we have either written unnecessary
things to memory or suspect that the hardware has been damaged.

02: Failed on connect: Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.
31: No connection to chip's debug port
Debugging context: LPCX1227_cmsis2_systick LinkServer Debug

Failed on connect: Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.
No connection to chip's debug port


So there are two questions
(1) Could you tell me if there is a cause and action (error etc.) of the error message?
(2) I originally intended to change the MCU to LPC1227 with LPC1769 Xpresso + NCx3320. Is it correct in the following flow?

Contents executed so far with MCU Xpresso.
・The project used is “FreeRTOS_Library” “Lpc11u68” “Lpc1769” “NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop” “NxpRdLib”
・Changed Build Configurations / Set Activity of each project to the same M0-based LPC11u68 (Debug) as LPC1227
・The port assignment of "phhwConfig.h" in NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop is replaced with that for LPC1227.
・Replaced port assignment for LPC1227 for "phLpc11u68_Build.h" in LPC11u68
・Replace the MCU of demo board with Xpresso of LPC1227, and connect a jumper wire from the assigned port

    above to NCx3320 if necessary
・Open Project Settings-> MCU-> Edit MUC of each project and do the following
     -Changed Preceded MCus to LPC 1227/301
     -Changed Default Linkserver Flash Driver to LPC11_12_13_128K_8K.cfx
     -Change to memory settings attached
* These are the same settings as "LPCX1227_cmsis2_systick"
・Open “Run / Debug sortings” and edit “NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop LinkServer DebugLPC11u68”
・Open “Debugger” and set the same as “LPCX1227_cmsis2_systick”.