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Getting Started with S32K146EVB

Question asked by Matthew Mishrikey on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Diana Batrlova

Hello, I am having some difficulty with the getting started instructions for the S32K146EVB.


There are different sets of instructions. 


The first is the mini-guide here:


Step 1.1: When I plug in to the eval  board, I get either green+blinking red LED, or just blinking red LED, depending on the pot position. 


Step 1.2: If I click the Software and Tools tab link, there is no file called S32K146EVB_OOBE_FreeMASTER_Firmware.srec.  There is a link for S32K146 EVB JumpStart - Firmware (Rev 1), but this zip does not contain said .srec file.


Next, following the quick-start guide:


Eval board has all jumpers in 2-3 positions.  Board is powered by micro-USB direct to laptop.  D2 and D3 are green, D11 is green with flashing red.


I run the installed FreeMASTER tool.  When I go to Project | Options | Comm, under port I am unable to select opensda.  The options visible are either COM3 or COM_ALL.  If I select either, and click OK, the dialog closes and nothing happens.


If I try the Connection Wizard tool, my only option again is COM3, and if I try to connect (using 115200 b/s), I get an error that "No board detected on any specified UART communication ports".