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SDRAM Reference code for Understanding the functionality

Question asked by Gaurav More on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by Gaurav More

 Hi Jeremy, 


I am using LPC4367 controller with MCU Xpresso 10.3.0_2200. I am using SDRAM and NOR Flash interface in one of our projects. I was working with Evaluation board OM13088 but it that board no SDRAM and NOR flash interface is avialable.  I am using SDRAM and NOR flash both interfaced with EMC lines aviable in LPC4367 controller.


I refered the code in e lpcopen_3_02_lpcxpresso_mcb4357 and also refered periph_memtest and misc_spifi_tst demos. But there is no EMC init routine avialable. Is there any sample code or a reference code for SDRAM with proper intitiatilization routine.


Also i want to allocate one of my Buffer to SDRAM address, i got the information related to it i MCU expresso User guied but still i want to know than as we user 


__At(Address) attribute in Keil to allocate the array or a buffer like

uint16_t Buffer[1024]                     __at(0x28000000) 


In the similar manner how we can use it in MCU Expresso . I have  downloaded MCUxpresso 10.3.0 . 

To conclude i want the sample or areference code for SDRAM and NOR flash with proper EMC init routine which not provided in existing reference code


I need this since i want to test my development board which is ready. So please consider it on higher priority. Mean while i am trying to refere other forums as well for my understanding.



Gaurav More