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KMS Connecting to Custom Hardware

Question asked by Frank Roberts on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by Philip Drake

Hello I am trying to get KMS V1.1 to connect to custom hardware I have developed essentially modeling off of the HVPMC3PH platform and HVP-KV31F120M plugin board.  I am using IAR as my compiler.  The toolchain works fine with the HVPMC3PH platform.


Custom Hardware:  USB Port ->FT230X->KV31F256VLH12P


KMS to Custom Hardware...?

1)  Should the USB connection from a PC with KMS connect automatically with a KV31P with KMS on it?  I.E. - Configure the GUI to the correct COM port and 115.2K Baud?


2)  Assuming 1) is the case I am not able to connect to the KV31FP via KMS.  I would like to try to program the KV31FP directly via a Segger J-LINK and opening the IAR project as I have a 10pin SWD connector on the PCB also.  I am concerned with erasing the KMS library that is resident on the device.  Can you provide instructions or validate how I can assure that using IAR 7.8 & a J-LINK I won't erase the KMS Library?


3)  Any other ideas as to how to debug the PC/USB interface?  I have a Saleae in which I can probe the UART Lines from the PC to the KV31FP but I am not sure of the command/response sequences I would be looking for to determine if the UART data is valid or not...