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FlexCAN in MPC5777c

Question asked by Vignesh V on May 5, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Vignesh V

 I am working on FlexCAN in MPC5777c . Im trying to use the Application note and simple transmit recieve on FlexCAN as example.

On it i have a some clarifications.

1.What is the reason for getting the message Hello in MB4  - Is it the case of the length of the string. Message is being transmiitted on MB[0] and checked on BUF4TO1I and if the length is greater  or equal to 8 in BUF8TO31I . correct me if im wrong.

2. /* wait until FlexCAN ready */
while(1 == CAN_A.MCR.B.FRZACK) {}
while(1 == CAN_A.MCR.B.NOTRDY) {}

What could be the possible reason if the Application is stuck in the above lines is the CAN hardware has an issue?


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