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MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts-S32DS_Z4_1 dummy call

Question asked by Colin McDonough on Apr 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 9, 2019 by Martin Kovar


I am using the S32DS example program, MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts-S32DS_Z4_1

When I build and Debug, the program has no errors, and downloads into hardware. (DEVKIT-MPC5748G)

When I start the program, it runs straight into the dummy() interrupt routine, and I cannot find the reason for this.

How do I trace the code so I can determine which Interrupt has been called ?

IF I pause the program, set the execution to the first line of code in Main(), then "Resume at line", the program now runs correctly.

What is causing this behaviour ?

How do I use "Processor Expert" on this example ?

How do I set the CAN-baud rates, as there is no Component or Inspector available ?