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e200 core features

Question asked by Jyothsna Rajan on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by David Tosenovjan

Dear NXP Community,

The processor I use, MPC5745R, has 2x e200z425n3 and1 x e200z424.  


This NXP site on E200cores:


briefly describes E200z0, E200z1, E200z3 and E200z6. 


For lack of more information, I assume the e200z425/424 would fall in the E200z4 category. Where can I find core hardware/feature information for E200z4? Any other documentation on enabling and optimizing floating point operations would be a great help in debugging long delays in floating point calculations.


Thank you ,



Daniel Wax

Alex Peck