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FreeRTOS task list not displayed during debugging for iMX.RT1052 on MCUXpresso IDE 10.3.1

Question asked by Ed Waldner on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Daniel Chen

FreeRTOS task list and Heap Usage views in MCUXpresso IDE 10.3.1 with SDK 2.5.0 for the iMX.RT1052 are not displaying status for all tasks during debug session. I am using an LPC Link2 debug probe with OpenSDA firmware, however I also tried a PEMicro Multilink ACP probe with the same results.


This is a continuation of the following community post which is marked: Assumed Answered

however this remains a problem with the current version of MCUXpresso IDE.


FreeRTOS TAD logs in my debug workspace show read timeouts and other errors from the debug session (see attached logfile).



The read timeout appears to trigger the faults. According to the other post linked above, a timeout threshold would need to be increased in a plugin for MCUXpresso IDE.


Is this a fix that is planned or is there another workaround/solution for this issue?