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How to set CPU clock Correctly?

Question asked by 张 爱华 on Mar 22, 2019
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My cpu is MPC5748G with Z4_0.According to the datasheet,the Cpu core clock can up to 160M(HZ).

my circuit is that:


When I use lwip_5748G demo project running in the core,the fasted bandwidth perform differently with diffrent CPU core clock setting.

the fault setting is like this:

On this case, the bandwidth can up to 3.9M.And the cpu timer is not accurate.


when I change the setting like this:

the bandwidth can only up to 1.2M.And the cpu timer is much more inaccurate compared with the default setting.


Can someone explain that condition for me ? And how could I set the CPU core clock and CPU bus clock correctly?

Thanks very much!