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Reg executing BIST

Question asked by Vignesh V on Mar 19, 2019
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   Im using MPC5777c for my project which is basically a diagnostic sw for which i need to perform RAM and ROM tests and based on the success i shall perform other tests or exit . 

to achieve the purpose I need to use the BIST module, in doing so do i need to go for online test or offline test which is more suitable. I feel to go with online tests. Please advice / suggest on the same.

if offline tests need to be performed i think as per my understanding i cant use the DFF record and cmm script file used /genarated using lauterbach  as provided in the examples. Im using s32 design studio how to use/create DCF records and run the tests in offline mode. Pl do suggest .

Adding one more Query .

Im using following configuration for PLL can the same be used to run MBIST. As i noted in example and Application note the PLL values are different

PLL0 to 192MHz (40MHz XOSC reference)
PLL1 to 264MHz (48MHz PLL0 PHI1 output reference)


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