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PTN3460I dark screen in -10dC environment

Question asked by Amos Chen on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by G.w. Sun

Hi Sir,

This is Amos from Delta Electronics,Inc.
We get an issue from our customer when operating in -10dC environment.
Seems sometimes PTN3460 does not start properly, the LCM shows dark screen because PVCCEN is LOW level. After the system warm up, PTN3460 can start properly. This issue is temperature dependent.
We capture the waveform, PTN3460 PVCCEN is turned on about 100ms then turned off.
When dark screen condition, BKLTEN and LVDS are no signals. But eDP (main link and AUX) signals are not loss. We can read PTN3460 internal register by SMBus and FW version by AUX. PTN3460 still alive.

Is it any thing caused PVCCEN turned off?


PTN3460IBS/F2 (DC 1735)
CPU: Baytrail-I E3845
OS: Win7 Embedded


System Topology:

CPU E3845 (eDP) => PTN3460 (LVDS) => LCM