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S32K144 Bootloader --> JumpToApplication Problem

Discussion created by Paul Klarhöfer on Feb 8, 2019
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I use the UART Bootloader from the AN12218 example.


I'm using in my application a FreeRTOS. When I do implement only a blinking LED Task, it is working, also with the right frequency.

But it seems like, that no peripheral (UART, SPI, I2C, CAN) is acutally working. For example, when I try to send CAN messages out, when the application is loaded from the bootloader, my CAN device detects only errors.


So for me it seems like, I'm missing something here. Is there something else, that needs to be reset, when switching from the bootloader to the application? Or maybe is my linker file wrong?


The main problem is also, that I do not know how to debug this problem, becuase it only appears, when the application is loaded from the bootloader, when I only download the application (with start address 0x0 in linker file), than the program works perfectly fine.


I hope somebody has an idea.


JumpToApplication function:


JumptoApplication Function


Bootloader Linker file:


Bootloader Linker File


Application linker file:


Application linker file