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MPC5777C has 2 MPUs (MPU-0, MPU-1)

Question asked by Lakshmi Kanth on Feb 11, 2019
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I'm working on MPU (Memory Protection Unit) of MPC5777C. 


"MPC5777CRM.pdf" says the MCU has two MPUs. (say: MPU-0, MPU-1).

- Problem: Details of why 2 MPUs are available and differences between them are not mentioned. 

- Query  - 1: So, can I assume that both MPUs are same or they have different features in the slaves they monitor and etc. (Sufficient information not available in MPC5777CRM.pdf, so please suggest where I can get this info of XBAR slaves that MPU-0, MPU-1 can monitor) 

- Query - 2: MPU in MPC5777C cannot monitor flash is my conclusion after observing MCU block diagram. But, few example projects on MPU (MPC57xx) in Community shows that REGION-DESCRIPTORS being assigned with CODE-Region (Flash) addresses as mentioned below:


====== (User Query: When MPU cannot monitor FLASH, how can we assign flash addresses to RGD) ===========

/* Flash memory 4MB */ (User Query: When MPU cannot monitor FLASH, how can we assign flash address to RGD)


MPU.RGD[0].WORD0.R = 0x00000000; /* Start address */ 
MPU.RGD[0].WORD1.R = 0x0003FFFF; /* End address */
MPU.RGD[0].WORD2.R = 0x3F00001F; /* Read-write-execute allowed for all master */
MPU.RGD[0].WORD3.R = 0x00000001; /* Mark descriptor as valid */



Please let me know on this. Thanks in advance. MPC5777C architecture  peter vlna david lukas