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Adding FreeRTOS component to a project does not run it.

Question asked by Freddy Ben-Zeev on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Jiri Kral

I've created an S32DS Application project and added to it the FreeRTOS component. The RTOS is never started. In the main.c file there are the following lines:

/*** RTOS startup code. Macro PEX_RTOS_START is defined by the RTOS component. DON'T MODIFY THIS CODE!!! ***/


  PEX_RTOS_START(); /* Startup of the selected RTOS. Macro is defined by the RTOS component. */



Unlike what the comment says there is no PEX_RTOS_START defined in any place I could find. When I looked on the FreeRTOS example program (freertos_s32k148) it defines PEX_RTOS_START in the main.c file and points it to a function in the project (in rtos.c).

I've defined it to the function that starts the scheduler and it works fine, but this comment is misleading.