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Using HDMI-VGA adapter with i.MX6Solo (Sabresd board)

Question asked by Flavio Alves on Feb 6, 2019
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I designed a single board computer based on Sabre-SD board. The processor is i.MX6 Solo.


The operating system is Debian (based on the image provided by Boundary Devices).


The kernel and u-boot are from Sabre-SD Yocto (fsl-community-bsp), kernel 4.1.15.


When I plug a HDMI or a DVI display on the CPU's HDMI output, it works fine.


But, when I try to plug a VGA display, using a HDMI-VGA adapter, I cannot see anything on the screen.


I used fbset command trying to change the screen resolution and also forcing screen resolution on u-boot console command line. In both case I got none results.


Is it really possible to use HDMI-VGA converters with i.MX6? Is there anything that must be done in kernel in order to have it running?


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