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some headache issues about mpc-5748g-lcevb and the s32 studio

Question asked by cui xiaole on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Martin Kovar


Hi , I am currently using  MPC5748G-LCEVB board to develop our products, but when I am reading the MPC5748G-LCEVB_QSG, I found I can't visit the link below


which displys:


Without these examples or docs, I found it very hard to carry on!



And It didn't work out when I follow the link below step by step to 

HOWTO: download separate elf/srec/hex file to microcontroller using S32 Design Studio 


Does that require something else configuration that it does not mention?

I fellow the steps with s32 power v1.2 every time only to find the warning poped up to saying :


and it will stay where it is forever


Is there anybody can help me out of this? 


Thanks very much!