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4kp60 and 4kp30 Video playback over HDMI display on IMX8MQ  EVK

Question asked by Dhaval SHAH on Dec 18, 2018



I am working on the IMX8MQ EVK. I am using the yocto rocko 4.9.88 build to bring up the board.


I gone through the many questions related to Video quality with full 4K UltraHD resolution over HDMI and they all face the issue for the 4k video playback.

Few of the links are as follows.

They also face the issue with the prebuild images.
Can you please provide the more information on the 4kp30 and 4kp60 video display over HDMI on EVK?
If this is possible then can you please provide that any specific patches other than the yocto rocko build need to apply?
If this works on specific HDMI monitor then please provide those monitor details so that we can use that specific monitor in our testing.


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