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FCCU EOUT control problem on MPC5746R

Question asked by 罗 文 on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by Zhou Xx

We use MPC5746R and FS6500 as our basic hardware combination. We try to config the FCCU EOUT mode to Bi-Stable since its the only way FS6500 recognise.


The thing is we config the EOUT0 and EOUT1 to GPIO mode, we can control these two pin state.

But we can't control the EOUT1(not EOUT0) with error output mode.


Even by setting FOM to the TEST1 mode to driver both EOUT pin to high level, EOUT1 is still low.


We refer to the example MPC5746R FCCU Alarm State.

Still no luck.


We run out of options right now, so we need help to understand how to improve our code to achieve a right FCCU output curve.