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i.MX6: Alpha blending example code

Question asked by Ganesan K on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by ranshalit

I was looking for good examples to understand alpha blending methods supported in i.MX6. I got one good example which is operating at IPU driver level but not at frame-buffer level. After lot of searches in google and trying bits and pieces of code based on i.MX6 reference manual and i.MX6 Linux reference manual I developed test code for three types of alpha blending,

  • Global alpha blending
  • Local alpha blending with alpha values passed in a separate buffer (24-bit bpp)
  • Local alpha with alpha value in pixels (32-bit bpp Ex. RGBA/BGRA)


I could test this code on the target and it helped me to understand those methods better. I am sharing my test code here so that it will be useful to anyone in the community. Enable one of the alpha methods at the compile time and run it on the target.



Ganesan. K

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