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S32DS2.0 Automotive Math and Motor Control Library

Question asked by 风超 张 on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2018 by Jiri Kral

Hi NXP team,


I'm using S32DS for armbut meet two problems in using the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library.
1)According to the chapter 3.11 of document "S32K14XMCLUG.pdf", I need to choose ToolChain when building a project. Mtarget is S32K14x, so I should choose ARM Bare-Metal 32-bit Target Binary Toolchain”as Fig.1. But actually my S32DS has only Standard S32DS ”to be selected, as Fig.2. How can I get the ARM Bare-Metal 32-bit Target Binary Toolchain”option?
2) I chosed Standard S32DS ”as ToolChain, then complete the rest step of the document. I include header "gflib.h" in my source, because I need to call the function "GFLIB_SinCos_F32( a, &b, GFLIB_SINCOS_DEFAULT_F32 )", and then build my project. All errors are due to the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library, as Fig.3 shows. I guess it may due to the wrong choice of ToolChain. Can you solve my problems?