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Looking for patch files related to i.MX28 errata TKT131240

Question asked by Andrew Wayner on Dec 3, 2018

In regards to "TKT131240 SSP0/1-SD/MMC/eMMC Boot: SSP_SCK polarity setup issue in ROM" in the errata for revision 1.2 of the i.MX28 silicaon, can NXP please provide the link to download the 1KB patch which is mentioned in the workaround? I have searched the NXP community forum and the download center and have not found this solution yet.

Can NXP also provide the complete procedure to apply this patch via the I2C EEPROM?


During my searches on the NXP community forum I also can across two postings ( and which talk about having to also blow the fuse HW_OCOTP_ROM7 ENABLE_SSP_12MA_DRIVE  in to get their SD Cards to boot. Can NXP please provide a patch which can be applied via I2C EEPROM to blow this fuse?