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K66 Flash Swap

Question asked by matyb on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Kevin Novinger

Good morning, I keep having a Flash Access Error Flag whenever I attempt to write to the Flash Status Register. I am attempting to use the Freescale libraries that were provided to initialize the Flash Swap function on a K66. The function that I am attempting to execute is called FLASH_SwapControl.


Inside the flash swap control, one of the steps attempts to reset the CCIF bit in the flash status register, by setting it to a 1. However, as soon as it tries to do this, the access error flag (in the same register) gets set and then everything goes downhill. All of this is being executed internally in the Freescale library, so I not 100% sure of what each step does. Here are libraries. Can anyone point me to the right direction as to why this is happening? Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.